Remote work is a whole different story

It's here! We put together a lot of lessons in how we needed to shift the way we run our company to save people time, and baked in ideas you can implement without buying software or hiring any consultant!

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How we fine-tuned our remote work approach.

How we think about Wayports, why we built it, and how you can change the way you work:

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Learn from the things we discovered during a very atypical year: change your 2021 outlook.

Take away easy to grasp concepts from what works from the practices of software companies, and how they can be applied in your industry.

automate workflows

Learn how automatic workflows function across different software tools and get inspiration to try it yourself for free.

avoid pitfalls

An inside look at how we decided to build Wayports, the organizational behavior problems we want users to avoid, and how to succeed!

What is the age of more?

When uncertainty looms large and global growth prospects are humbled, everyone expects more out of our institutions, structures, roles and processes.

We need to find ways to make the 24 hours in a day yield more results, and software is here to help.

There is no linear or magical application of effort to increase productivity, we must expect more out of the way we collaborate and reinvent our workflows.

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“Digital Transformation is a buzzword term created by consultants who do not understand technology, in order to teach its impact to people who are confused by tech-driven changes."

"Unfortunately, a lot of companies still treat talent like they would a product. They think they acquire talent, and they expect it to perform as advertised on the resume."

"It is impossible to stand up to someone and say 'ok, spill the beans, tell me what I need to know'. They do not know what that is. They are accumulating tacit knowledge every day, it is coming from their tasks and experience with their peers."

“It is a matter of balance between automation and humanity. Processes are there to help and assist our endeavors, but their value system should not replace ours.”

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Chapter 1: Revisit your workflows

You go through the motions in a decade of work. What applied well before is not going to create the same impact today. See how you can reinvent!

Chapter 2: Enjoy the journey

Nothing works if there is no buy-in from key people in your team. See how we set ourselves up for enjoying the ride, and not suffering the changes. Take away ideas you can implement right now.

Chapter 3: Plan for the unexpected

A deep dive into our process for creating Wayports, the main concepts of the application, the things it is trying to accomplish and the vision for the product. See how you can use it to increase sales and stay humanely connected with your teammates.

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